About me

I work with personal development and health in a holistic perspective, in the form of online intuitive coaching and bioresonance therapy.

Feel good in a time of great change

It has been a tumultuous and different time for most of us. Many have had time to become frustrated, angry, scared, but also enjoyed having time with family and themselves – and much else in between. Many questions and considerations arise when you have time to think, feel and be. We have reevaluated a lot in our lives, how we work, socializing with family and friends. What will our lives be like now?
Praia Atura Portugal

Many questions

We may need help both in terms of energy (energy balancing) and to sort out thoughts and feelings through conversation, gain new perspectives. The answers are within each of us, is what is happening really an opportunity to create something else in life, what we have longed for?
You can develop YOUR intuition to create joy and abundance in your life. You can start a magical inner journey, gain new insights and inspiration to create the change in your life you desire.
When I moved to the Algarve coast in Portugal in 2019, my intention was to invite feel-good stays here for everyone looking for a developing, but relaxing and inspiring holiday by the sea, but it was not possible to travel as we all know. Maybe it can become a reality soon. You can book online coaching, bioresonance therapy available in Algarve, Portugal.
All’s Well!

Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance treatment method in complementary medicine where you focus on the whole, not symptoms to find the root of the problems.

Bioresonance therapy is an effective method used for allergies, stomach problems, skin problems, fatigue, headaches, pain or when you feel generally  out of balance. 

The bioresonance machine is designed to provide the most accurate diagnostic results because it focuses on the source, the brain, because it is in the mind that we begin to gather information about the changes occurring in the body. 

The sensors in the headphones are placed on the client’s ears and use the brain to communicate with the frequencies that arise in the body. Any change at the cellular level will be detected and identified, whether it is a bacterium, virus, parasite or any biochemical symptom, it will be detected by its unique frequency or signature and identified by name and stage of development.

Meditation by the sea

Every Sunday we meet to meditate and talk about life, death and everything in between, at Praia de Altura.

The magazine Tomorrow did a report about our group, Sisters of The Sea.

We are happy to start a new group for English speakers, please contact us if you are interested.


Dare to Live!

I am writing a blog about daring to follow one’s dream, for me to dare to move to another country and maybe to a whole new life…..
What happened?

Here I am now sitting in an empty house, apart from about 20 moving boxes and a bed.

The partner and the dogs have gone. Quiet and desolate.

It’s a strange feeling, both a little fear and a sense of freedom.

How did this actually happen? Everything went so fast!

At the beginning of September, I had no idea about this…

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